Inferred connections among CNS regions by NH/NT

In the CNS, various neurohormones (NHs) and neurotransmitters (NTs) are secreted from neurons to convey information among distinct regions. The view shows inferred interconnections among CNS regions by expression data (especially multi-state expression) for NH and NT (NH/NT) genes. To analyze the expression patterns of the NH/NT genes, a list that included the genes for the ligands themselves and those for enzymes that were rate-limiting in the biosynthesis of these ligands was first made. Here both of these categories were termed as "ligand" genes. the genes for NH/NT receptor proteins (i.e., "receptor" genes) were also included. Next, a list of connection among CNS regions that a state of a ligand gene of a NH/NT is "on" (or "up") in one region, and a state of a receptor gene of the NH/NT is "on" (or "up") in the other region was made.