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BrainStars marker genes (Cb lobe:high)

Genes whose levels in a specific CNS region are higher or lower than in others. (Help)

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Probe set ID [asc] Symbol Name Fold Change Gene Category
1 1421282_at [new page][PP page] Bmp5 bone morphogenetic protein 5 1.84115
2 1422409_at [new page][PP page] Hes3 hairy and enhancer of split 3 (Drosophila) 2.77265 Ng
3 1423367_at [new page][PP page] Wnt7a wingless-related MMTV integration site 7A 3.33506 EM Ng AG
4 1423402_at [new page][PP page] Creb1 cAMP responsive element binding protein 1 1.90167 TF Ng
5 1424450_at [new page][PP page] Gprc5c G protein-coupled receptor, family C, group 5, member C 1.50574 GPCR
6 1424944_at [new page][PP page] Pcp2 Purkinje cell protein 2 (L7) 6.12333
7 1426512_at [new page][PP page] Olfm3 olfactomedin 3 7.20396
8 1429358_at [new page][PP page] Fam135a family with sequence similarity 135, member A 1.46606
9 1431113_at [new page][PP page] Rbm4b RNA binding motif protein 4B 1.83541
10 1431843_a_at [new page][PP page] Nfkbie nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells inhibitor, epsilon 1.40064 TF
11 1436104_a_at [new page][PP page] 2.7676
12 1436697_at [new page][PP page] 2.32853
13 1436965_at [new page][PP page] Emilin3 elastin microfibril interfacer 3 1.2652 EM
14 1437051_at [new page][PP page] Dffb DNA fragmentation factor, beta subunit 1.64306
15 1439377_x_at [new page][PP page] Cdc20 cell division cycle 20 homolog (S. cerevisiae) 1.74678
16 1439873_at [new page][PP page] Dgkd diacylglycerol kinase, delta 1.52138
17 1440719_at [new page][PP page] Gle1 GLE1 RNA export mediator (yeast) 1.7018
18 1440810_x_at [new page][PP page] 2.21699
19 1440917_at [new page][PP page] 2900093K20Rik RIKEN cDNA 2900093K20 gene 1.82706
20 1442245_at [new page][PP page] 2.38544
21 1443587_at [new page][PP page] Ttc37 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 37 1.66143
22 1444275_at [new page][PP page] 1.93214
23 1445595_at [new page][PP page] 1.33687
24 1445966_at [new page][PP page] 2.05602
25 1447037_at [new page][PP page] Phip pleckstrin homology domain interacting protein 1.48077
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TF=Transcription Factor; Ch=Channel; GPCR=GPCR; CA=Cell Adhesion; EM=Extracellular Matrix; SP=Structural Protein; Ng=Neurogenesis; Hox=Homeobox; NR=Nuclear Receptor; NH/NT=NH/NT; AG=Axon Guidance; SLC=SLC Transporter; Fox=Forkhead
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