BrainStars (B*)


BrainStars: 1422618_x_at: Gm2012

Affymetrix Probe set ID 1422618_x_at
Gene Name predicted gene 2012
predicted gene 2030
predicted gene 14525
predicted gene 10058
predicted gene 10486
predicted gene 14819
predicted gene 10488
predicted gene 14632
predicted gene 10230
predicted gene 4297
predicted gene 5169
predicted gene 5934
predicted gene 6121
Gene Symbol Gm2012 Rp23-418h15.1 Xmr EG546272 ENSMUSG00000059047 ENSMUSG00000068103 ENSMUSG00000073247 ENSMUSG00000073257 Gm10058 Gm10230 Gm10486 Gm10488 Gm14525 Gm14632 Gm14819 Gm2030 Gm4297 Gm5169 Gm5934 Gm6121 OTTMUSG00000017011 OTTMUSG00000017531 OTTMUSG00000018086

BrainStars Expression at 51 brain regions

Expression graph Expression map
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BrainStars classification of 48 brain regions by multi-state gene analysis

# States 2
Score 39.1130178231338
Multi-state expression graph Multi-state expression histogram Multi-state expression map
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Cross section images

ViBrism ABA expression energy
ViBrism ABA expression energy
The ViBrism cross section images (whole brain mode: beta version) were provided by the ViBrism team. A full 3-D model of the expression is available at their ViBrism site.
The ABA expression energy cross section images were obtained from the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, Allen Instiute for Brain Science © 2008. Please refer to their original terms of use.

Links to other resources

Allen Brain Atlas Xmr
ViBrism RP23-301E3.1
EMAGE Gm10488

BrainStars 1-D expression files

You can download BrainStars expression data in a table.
TSV format file BrainStars expression in a tab-separated values format
CSV format file BrainStars expression in a camma-separated values format

BrainStars 3-D expression files

You can download this entry's BrainStars expression data putting on 3-D mouse brain models.
VCAT format file BrainStars expression putting on a brain model.
The file can be viewed with a software, VCAT, downloadable from VCAD@RIKEN site.
XPR format file BrainStars expression putting on a Allen Reference Atlas brain model.
You can view the XPR file with the Brain Explorer software provided by the Allen Institute.

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Entrez GeneID 100039030 100039065 100039120 100039240 100039550 100039585 100042109 100042144 100042175 100043216 382277 546272 619991
Ensembl ENSMUSG00000059047 ENSMUSG00000061227 ENSMUSG00000064334 ENSMUSG00000068103 ENSMUSG00000071788 ENSMUSG00000073245 ENSMUSG00000073247 ENSMUSG00000073255 ENSMUSG00000073257 ENSMUSG00000080725 ENSMUSG00000081218 ENSMUSG00000082639 ENSMUSG00000083628 ENSMUSG00000084063
UniGene ID Mm.411645
RefSeq Transcript NM_001040669 NM_001099325 NM_001099347 NM_001100444 NM_001100445 NM_001100446 NM_001100610 NM_001104946 NM_001109969 NM_001109970 NM_001110250 NM_001114754 NM_001162364
RefSeq Protein NP_001035759 NP_001092795 NP_001092817 NP_001093914 NP_001093915 NP_001093916 NP_001094080 NP_001098416 NP_001103439 NP_001103440 NP_001103720 NP_001108226 NP_001155836
Agilent ID A_51_P381427
Allen Brain Atlas Xmr
ViBrism RP23-301E3.1
EMAGE Gm10488
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